Bottom of the box and future projects

As of August 22, 2021, we managed to catalog every item left to us by Harold. Big thanks to Jesse and Kit who came down and helped us do the last push to get everything cataloged.

What does this mean?

It means we’ve identified all the physical assets that were left to us by Harold. You can see the raw results here

However, the work is not finished. We’re still in the process of scanning, digitizing and photographing these assets and we will be for some time. We’re also still sorting through Harold’s digital assets to make order and determine when something is really a duplicate, or when it’s another attempt to create a better digital document.  

We’re also engaging in a few new projects, most recently, we arranged to put the already digital (think ’90s digital assets) assets from both Love Song Productions, and the filk archive from the popular Pittsburgh convention Confluence into our Archive Cloud (hosted on cold storage with IBM). We’re also in talks with a few institutions about getting the collection into a permanent home (and out of our living rooms).

These partnerships allow us to create a larger repository of east coast filk recordings, including many that are currently unique to this Archive.

If you’d like to partner on a digitization project, please get in touch using the form in our main menu.

In the meantime, the work of organizing the collection lies ahead. Stay tuned for future updates.

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